Innovative since 1946

Since its foundation in 1946, the company has laid claim to a whole host of highly satisfied customers. Over the decades since coming into being, the company has constantly developed with its customers and for you.

The company currently employs about 130 staff members, including 15 future cutting machine operators and toolmakers, who are currently in training.

Situated on our large factory site (27,000 square metres) are two production buildings with a total production area of 4,400 square metres. Here, three DEMAG underslung cranes are available for moving loads of up to ten tons. In addition, we have our own warehouse with an automated warehouse management system, as well as a tool store with a tool management system. The administration department has a total area of 200 square metres at its disposal.

Competently, flexible and highly precise

Over the years, we have successfully made a name for ourselves as a highly specialised full-service supplier. Our customers have come to expect only the highest of quality standards from us. We respond quickly and flexibly to requests, and place our diverse range of skills at your service!