Our areas of expertise

Our range of services

At August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH, we manufacture workpieces in single, small and medium series.

With our lathing, milling, grinding, honing and eroding machines, we can provide you with complete machining in most cases.

The procurement of materials, surface treatments, hardness implementation as well as any desired varnishing are carried out by our reliable and certified subcontractors.

August Müller CNC machining technology has years of know-how in working with materials that are difficult to cut, such as titanium, tungsten and nickel-based alloys.

We are familiar with machining brass, bronze and aluminum. We also have extensive experience with copper beryllium, inconel or Hastelloy.

In the event that it needs to be particularly fast, we can rely on our extensive raw material storage.

Lathing · Milling · Sawing · Honing · Grinding · Straightening · Measuring technologies · Annealing · Wet blasting · Laser markings · Wire eroding · Electric Discharge Machining · DYE penetrant testing · Flow loops · x-ray fluorescence material analysis · Rotofinishing

If you have special requests, or require a custom-made product, please do not hesitate to contact us. At any time!


During machining, the workpieces and tools turn on up to eight axes.

This means that materials can be placed in almost any form. In our state-of-the-art turning and milling centres we create what others despair of.

We are very proud of the extremely high quality of our work and our on-time delivery.

You will feel handcrafted precision, crafted using state-of-the-art, computer-aided and monitored technologies.

August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik perfects the interplay of tradition and innovation!

We cordially invite you to personally convince yourself of our precision machines and products on site.

Finest Quality

We guarantee you workpieces of the utmost precision: In our measuring room, we check and record accurately down to the thousandth of a millimeter.

In the measurement report, you can exactly see how precise we can produce.

State-of-the-art machining centres

We supply small specialist companies as well as international corporations worldwide. 

You can find workpieces manufactured by us almost anywhere:

  • In the sensitive drilling heads of the oil industry, they ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • In packaging machines they transport thousands of cigarettes per minute
  • Pet bottles are getting the right shape

We would like to give you many more examples on request!

Our customers appreciate this permanently excellent quality for over 70 years.