Wet blasting

Glass bead blasting, a special form of shot peening, is an iron-free cleaning and deburring process. This manufacturing process, in which glass beads are blown with pressure on the workpiece, guarantees a perfect deburring of tiny holes and a rounding of transitions. This surface treatment results in a pressure-induced tension near the surface.

The Glass pearl-blasted workpieces have a matt, diffuse finish and a homogeneous surface, which produces only a few light reflections.

Compressed air blasting removes abrasive tracks, ink and welding residues and other contaminants from materials treated this way. 

August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik is your partner for the perfect surface finish of your components made of die-cast aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel or even wood.

We are pleased to offer you other blasting methods according to your standard.