Wire eroding and electric discharge machining

The lower eroding, also called countersunk erosion, is a method of the spark EDM (Electrical discharge machining).

The spark erosive removal according to DIN 8580 is a thermally debaseing process of workpiece manufacturing from conductive materials.

An electrode generates sparks on the workpiece to be machined,wherein the electrode represents the negative form of the workpiece surface to be created.

The process is carried out in a non-conductive medium such as oil or deionized water by bringing the tool to the materials such as hard metal, brass, copper and copper alloys (mostly with tungsten) or graphite.

In this process, a spark strikes, this melts the material punctiform and evaporates at this point.

August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH works with both spark erosion drilling, drilling erosion and spark erosion cutting, where a wire acts as an electrode. This manufacturing process is wire eroding

In addition, we can produce with spark erosion sinks. The electrode is then pressed into the workpiece as a negative mold.